Managing Director Creation

Graduate communications designer | Copy writer

After over 15 years working as an art director and copywriter for regional and international advertising agencies Bernd set up Gischt & Glut GmbH with Till Uterharck in spring 2013. His goal? To create clever communications and design which stimulate and sell.

Bernd gained a degree from Berlin’s University of the Arts, where, in addition to studying Visual Communications, he also took his first steps in Business Communications. As a result he is today an all-rounder, easily able to switch between art, copywriting and concept work.


Experience with clients such as Camel, Opel, Lufthansa, Mastercard, Germany’s CDU political party, RWE, EWE or Bayer Health Care, Hanse Yachts and numerous other prestigious clients allows him to remain cool even in the face of tough challenges. The more difficult it seems to be to find a solution to a task, the more it attracts him.

In his spare time Bernd regularly spends time on the coast, no matter what the weather. He is a confessed fan of the Strandoase bar near Kiel, directly on the Baltic coast, where he likes to enjoy a caipirinha after work.